From Caring Comes Courage Jumpsuit

From Caring Comes Courage Jumpsuit


This Tencel jumpsuit reminds you and whomever lays eyes on its beautiful back, that courage comes from caring and kindness. A garden full of crepe black and white, with a little hint of yellow flowers, embellish this deliciously soft jumpsuit. On the back, the quote “FROM CARING COMES COURAGE” in bright strong yellow letters adds a jolt of color to the jumpsuit, and a yellow garage patch on the front, contrasts with the femininity of it all. All the pieces are intricately hand-embroidered with a dark fuchsia thread. Wear it rolled up with sneakers or high heels

Each piece is one-of-a-kind designed in my studio in Miami and hand embroidered by single moms in Medellin, Colombia.

Embroidered by Margarita Osorio

Repurposed materials: Jumpsuit, white and black flowers cut from a skirt, quote cut from a man’s t-shirt.

100% Cotton

Dry Clean

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