Cropped Denim Jacket

Cropped Denim Jacket


This cropped stretch-denim jacket is embellished with a glittering green sequence frog and a pink pastel denim flower on the back. Black & white stripped ribbons run down along the center of both sleeves punctuated by an embroidered denim flowers patch and a jean's pocket. The shoulders are highlighted by vintage faux leather flowers. All in beautiful balance. Completely one-of-a-kind and hand-finished.


Previously owned denim jacket

Faux leather flowers cut from a vintage bag, embroidered denim flowers and pocket cut from a pair of jeans, pink pastel flower cut from a denim shirt and sequin frog from a kid's T. All previously owned and/or vintage.

55% Ramien, 42% Cotton, 3% Spandex

Dry Clean

The handmade, unfinished details on this jacket is what makes it original, what gives it it's unique character.  

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