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You can be more yourself than ever, almost fearless, when you get to a certain point in your life. 
I took a break after years of being a stylist, a costume designer in Colombia, the creator of a successful label, and the editor of my own online fashion magazine in the US. I needed time to think about my priorities.
The conclusion of that reflection was that I needed to express my creative intent and social responsibility through giving new life to items that previously had one. And that is what I do now.
I can contribute by stopping the feeding of toxic chemicals into our environment when I use what has already been produced. And convey the pressing need to stitch our world together through the rawness in every unique piece embroidered by a single mother in Medellin, Colombia.
My mission then is to inspire a sustainable way to be stylish, and each unique piece represents a statement for me and for the person who chooses to wear it.